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About Us

Hello, my name is Chad Drawbaugh of Drawbaugh Outdoors and D.O. Nets. I, my wife, Billie Jo, and my good friend Jack Gotwalt would like to introduce you to D.O.Nets. If you are reading this letter you love to fly-fish, as do I; I also enjoy hunting and woodworking. It was approx. 5-6 years ago that I attempted my first net, simply because I was a wood worker and enjoyed fishing, I had knowledge of wood from years of making recurve bows and longbows where I had learned the process of flexing and laminating wood.

I looked for a net but I was not interested in the imports. I liked what I seen from some of the commercial net builders but still did not like the generic look of the nets, and at that time I was not in a position to afford the more expensive hand crafted nets. That led me to figuring the ins and outs of building my own net, and to build a net that was as unique as my personality.

Slowly as friends seen the nets and wanted one for themselves I began to evolve the design, as well as, challenging myself to get the most out of the woods I was using. Knowing that a proper glue joints can be stronger than the grain of wood and having the knowledge of how to laminate; I slowly developed and refined the designs and processes for making a better net.

I started a small business in my woodshop making taxidermy displays and I would “Fit” in a few dozen nets to sell each year. I had this overwhelming passion to create an even better net. I had this little thing inside of me bugging me to refine the woods, glues, and finishes. Soon I was back on the quest to develop a great net that a fisherman could be really proud to carry, with a little R&D the glues, finishes, and woods were developed into the current net. I am finally at the stage where I want to share our nets with everyone in hopes that they will appreciate them as much as I do.

We are overwhelmed with ideas from giving back to our community, to combinations of wood, and even new net designs. We are excited to develop this company and bring you a net made with our motto – Quality, Passion, and Distinction.


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